Johnny Servin :: User experience designer

Site Development

For web projects, I have the technical expertise to develop and deploy client sites. Whether a code-level development is necessary, or a the project will deployed via any of the major content management systems, I'm happy to take the project to completion. A mentor once encouraged me to always maintain my technical chops; excellent advice that continues to inform my design and client work.

Key Knife

Key Knife is an industrial design and manufacturing company serving the lumber industry with unmatched quality in blades and equipment. They desired the ability to update content fairly regularly, and wanted to move away from an older code-base that was no longer sustainable. Weebly was the chosen platform. The template chosen required some code-level modifications to delivering a tidy and concise experience.


As a former employee, I spent six years develping data-driven product and marketing pages with a mix of PHP, ASP, JSON, and .NET services. While the visual design has changed, the underlying service and database calls remain the same. Dynamic support tools available through the partner portal have also remained vital tools for parts and service delivery.


Using WordPress, I installed and customized various plug-ins to quickly deploy a website that would allow the Rotarian Action Group for Peace to start collecting contact information for peace-minded visitors. The branding, homepage imagery, project maps, signup forms, donation widgets, and user-driven data were plug-ins that allowed rapid development of the site, which went live in a matter of weeks from inception.