Johnny Servin

User experience designer

I like to...

Conduct User and Stakeholder Research
Design User, Process, and Service Experiences
Develop Responsive Websites + Prototypes
From Developer to Designer

During a 20 year career wearing titles like 'programmer', 'web developer', and 'technical marketing engineer', I've been honing a skill most recently referred to as 'design'. Regardless of title, taking on the crunchiest business problems and tirelessly pursuing solutions that makes sense to users and stakeholders has been my passion. I bring the "check your ego at the door" mentality that modern design demands:

My goal remains to deliver usable and elegant user experiences, process and service designs, and design-thinking to clients and colleagues. This comes in many forms, from wireframes to prototypes, from user-personas to journey-maps, and from collaborative work-sessions to qualitative research.

Research and Analysis

Interviews, stakeholder workshops, and collaborative sessions generate the data. The reports and personas give it meaning and context.

User Experience Design (UX/UI)

Whether it's full sites, mobile experiences, or small components, creating the blue print for development must be clear and concise.

Process and Service Design

Capturing and improving the step-by-step process provides the opportunity to reduce the customer's pain points and delivers a better experience.

Site Development

WordPress, Weebly, Shopify, or pure html/php/css - taking sites and experiences live to the web.